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Our Story spressocup

Welcome to SpressoCup. We are glad you are here!

You must like coffee, we do too. Sounds like we have something in common already. 

At SpressoCup we are more than a coffee company. We are a family owned business that was founded under the spirit of love and tradition. A cup of coffee for us represents a time to stop, relax, and reflect about the day.

It has always been a tradition in our family to receive friends and loved ones with a coffee cup to talk, laugh, and even solve problems. 

Now we want to extend our family tradition to you! We aim to make coffee available at any moment, in any setting. What a better way to take a break from the fast pace world we live in, while having a cup of coffee or two!! Or even share one! Whatever the circumstances are, allow our family to be part of yours, and let’s have coffee together. Share the tradition!